Warming Up Vermont’s Coldest Month
January 18, 19, 20, 2018
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Vermont Burlesque Festival Performer Application

Thank you for your interest in performing in The Vermont Burlesque Festival.  If you are well prepared with a professional photo of yourself (or your group) and you’ve got a video of your performance and your music is ready, then you’re half way there.  The application process should take about 30-60 minutes.  Computer use is recommended over tablets & phones.


What We Are Looking For:

We were looking for experienced neo-burlesque, classic strip tease, boylesque and anything else burlesque, circus, magic or comedic you’d like to show us.  Please keep your performance submissions to less than 5 minutes. Performances that are less than 5 minutes will have a much higher consideration for acceptance to the festival.


The Application Fee for Vermont Residents is $20 and $30 for Out of State Performers.  Group performances are prices a bit more.  The Application Fee Must Be Paid in Advance via PayPal.  You may submit up to 2 performances with the one application fee.  We might just pick both performances!


If accepted, your full application fee helps us pay for some of the expenses we accrue during your experience and time with us.  The benefits that come with performing in the Vermont Burlesque Festival include...

   Professional digital photos of your performance (Available electronically within 60 days of the completion of the festival).  

   A professional video of your performance (Available electronically for download within 60 days of the completion of the festival).  

  A performer’s taxi (a.k.a. the tassle taxi) to help get YOU to and from festival events.   •

   Entry to EVERY FESTIVAL SHOWCASE throughout the weekend.   •

   A gift bag including an official festival gift***.   •

   Free Entry to the Official After Party   •

***(festival gifts may be upgraded for a fee)


Acceptance and denial letters will be send out within 30 days from the time applications close.  If for what ever reason you may not be accepted to the Vermont Burlesque Festival or decide you can not attend you will receive a 50% refund of your application fee.***

***(Should you decide to cancel, you must alert us with-in 30 days from the date on your acceptance letter to receive your refund)


Because of our limited back stage and prep areas there are some prop restrictions.  Please do not submit any act that has a prop that does not fit through a standard doorway (3.5’ wide x 6’ tall x 6’ deep).  Please do not submit any act that requires more than 3-5 minutes of set up or tear down. 


For those performers and staff that don’t have their own transportation... The Vermont Burlesque Festival provides a tassel taxi to specific festival locations.  For more details or to sign up/reserve a ride on the VTBF Tassel Taxi... Please CLICK HERE


Should you have any questions during this process please contact our performer liaison, Kyla Waldron.

Ok, if you’re ready, we’re ready.  Happy Application Filling Out Time!

© BlueHair Media, Vermont Burlesque Festival

© Vermont Burlesque Festival

Step 2: 

Prepare and Email Your Promotional Head Shot

  1. Please rename your photo’s file name with your stage name.  First name first, last name last.  Example:  Luke_Warm.jpg

  2. Email your newly named .jpg to:  burlesque@bluehairmedia.com with the subject “VTBF2018 Performer Head Shot -YOUR NAME”

  3. Please note:  By sending us your head shot you acknowledge you give The Vermont Burlesque Festival full permissions to use your image in any and all of our promotions, publications, social media outlets and websites.

Step 3: 

Prepare Your Performance Video

  1. We prefer you add your performance video to the application below.  If you don’t already have a video on line and can’t share your video link with us in the application below... please email your performance video to us at burlesque@bluehairmedia.com with the subject line “VTBF2018 Performance Video - YOUR NAME”

Step 4:

Prepare and/or Email Us Your Music

  1. Please rename your .MP3 or other music file with your stage name and song title.                                                                   Example:  Luke_Warm_RollingRolling.mp3

  2. Email your music to: Eric Langlois at... iriedj@gmail.com with the subject line “VTBF2018 Performer Music - YOUR NAME”

Step 5:

Continue with the Application Below....

Step 1: 

Please send us your application fee.  Application fees are determined by your residency and how many people are in your group.  Application fees can be paid with a credit card or a PayPal account and are collected by PayPal.

Vermont Residents     1 Performer      - $20                                                    Non-Resident    1 Performer      - $30

Vermont Residents     2-3 Performers - $30                                                    Non-Resident    2-3 Performers - $40

Vermont Residents     4 or More         - $40                                                    Non-Resident    4 or More          - $50

Please Use The Drop Down Menus to Select Your Appropriate Application Fee...